Blog Post # 6

I anticipate using a blog to allow my students to collaborate on projects and assignments. I don’t imagine I would use twitter much, as I feel I could just as easily use other materials I am more familiar with to accomplish the same task and possibly more. I could also use the blog to post helpful methods or videos to assist working with problems or working with more complex concepts. I could help myself grow as a teacher by allowing students to give feedback and make contact with me through multiple different media.

It is important to teach younger childr4en to verify and evaluate their internet sources. In today’s age of information at your fingertips, there is a lot of misinformation and false sources that people can get caught up in. A lot of the time, someone will hear something from someone else or read it somewhere on the internet and accept it as fact, without doing any further research. If this person then posts it as fact, the misinformation then spreads and infects many other people.

I learned a few things doing the Web Hunt assignment. I had not searched for things within a time range before. I also don’t believe I had used a document search.Most of the things, I had seen, but it was still a fun and interesting assignment. I don’t imagine I will ever stop searching for things. I believe that some of the most important skills one can have is the ability to effectively search for information.

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6 thoughts on “Blog Post # 6”

  1. I completely agree about what you said about the plethora of misinformation out there on the Web! I find it so easy in my daily searches that are relevant to the topics I’m searching to see something inappropriate or false, so I can only imagine what children are able to find.


  2. I agree that most kids do not do enough research into things they hear in everyday conversation or read when online. There is definitely a lot of misinformation and sources that are in fact false. I think it is important that when we are teacher we educate our students to know the difference between correct and false sources.I\


  3. Exactly! All those false news articles and the sites with false information are guiding our children into false ideals. It IS super important to teach them to fact check with other sites to make sure the information they are reading is true. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet! people!!


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